Index of Framing Industry Suppliers

The table below is a list of some of the picture framing industry's largest and most reputable suppliers. We will be adding to this list in the months to come. Please contact us if you would like your company added to this list. 

 I. Moulding Manufacturers (Wood & Metal)


Madrid, Spain based supplier of elegant and higher end wood picture frame molding in business since 1927. The company owns a 40,000 square foot facility in New Jersey.
Alpina Mfg. LLC
fastchangeframes.com800-915-2828Manufacturer of easy to assemble and disassemble metal frames. The company is very environmentally conscious and is one of the very few metal frame manufacturers still manufacturing in the United Sates (as opposed to low cost countries that do not have strong environmental laws - important for metal frames because of the anodizing and power coating processes required for aluminum frames.
Arlo Inc.arloinc.com800-332-2756Manufacturer of SPACEMAKER picture frame spacers.

As Hanging Systems

This company supplies a full line of hanging systems for art of all types.
Beale Ash Distribution
bealeash.com877-465-4538Beale Ash is an authorized distributor for Epson prints. The company specializes in wide format printers used by the framing industry. They also sell Epson dyes and pigment inks,  as well as Proof Line media and paper. The company is based in authorized distributor of Epson prints. The company specializes in Pro Graphics Reseller specializing in wide format inkjet printers.
Capax Frame It
capax.com800-942-2729This company specializes in insurance for professionals in the art and framing industry.
CMI Moulding

A leading wood molding company in the United States for over 40 years. CMI names itself "America's top picture frame supplier". The company does not specialize in any one type of frame or market, but instead offers a wide breadth of styles at many price points in order to appeal to all tastes.

 D & K 800-632-2314A global leader in the manufacturing of thermal laminating equipment and accessories, including thermal laminating films and pressure-sensitive laminates. This company has a 30 years track record of innovation that continues to change the framing industry.
Decor Moulding & Supply
decormoulding.com800-937-1055Decor molding is one of the largest picture frame suppliers in the U.S. The company focuses on carrying inventory in order to have the highest order fulfillment rate in the industry.
Dan Mar Frame & Moulding
donmarcreations.com800-556-7428Distributor of framing materials serving New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.
Fotiou Frames Limited
fotiou.com800-668-8420Molding manufacturer that focuses on higher end frame designs such as gold leaf and water gilding.The company is located in Ontario, Canada.
Framerica Company
framerica.com800-372-6422This molding company is another leaders in the US. In addition to frame molding, the company manufacturers architectural trim, and floor molding. Framers with enough volume can order directly form this company's website (log-in and credit check required).
Frame Specialties
kooltack.com800-777-3165Offers drymount foam board available through distribution.
Gunnar USA, Inc.

360-657-5291Swiss company that manufacturers a line of precision cutting machines. This equipment is very precise, but also very expensive and will probably only be within the budget of a large frame store or distributor.
JJ Moulding Inc.
jjmoulding.com845-561-6777A picture frame molding company. As of May 2011, their web page was not fully operational (contact us and about us pages were not working).
Larson-Juhllarsonjuhl.com800-438-5031Distributor and manufacturer of a complete collection of professionally designed picture frame mouldings. The company strives to offer products that satisfy both contemporary and classic design styles. In 2011, an Atlanta top 100 workplace.
Max Moulding
 800-282-9966Specialists in handcrafted mouldings, this company serves the upper tier off the framing industry.
Michelangelo Moulding
michelangelomoulding.com877-422-8812Molding company serving the US and Canada through a network of distributors.
MTS Frames
mtsframes.com800-242-7173MTS is a manufacturer of frame molding and has been in business for 40 years.  The company has 100s of moulding styles for sale and include everything from basic hardwoods to various ornate mouldings.
Nickell Moulding Co. Inc.
nickellmoulding.com800-838-2151A top notch molding manufacturer. The company has invested heavily in lean manufacturing techniques over the past few years. This has given them the ability to have excellent order fulfillment rates while carrying very low inventory levels. The company's quality is second to none.
Omega Moulidng Co. Ltd.omegamoulding.com800-289-6634Another leading molding manufacturer. This company has their entire catalog available on-line.
Presto Framing and Moulding
prestoframe.com866-292-3031Molding supplier founded by a German immigrant and now in its third generation of family ownership. The company specializes in veneers and oval frames, amongst other frame types.
AS Hanging Systemsashanging.com866-935-6949Maker of hanging systems for all types of frames and mirrors. Used by museums, interior designers and sold through distribution.


II. Framing Equipment

 The Fletcher-Terry Company 800-843-3826 Fletcher is a manufacturer of a wide variety of framing equipment ranging from hand-held manual point drivers to automated CNC cutters.
 Foster Planing 323-759-9156 Specializes in artistic custom mouldings with many types of wood ranging from maple, ask, cherry and oak. The lineup includes stock moulding, custom molding, and stretcher bars.
 Miter Master 800-446-6622 Same as Quality Saw & Knife
 PictureFramingEquipement.compictureframingequipment 404-932-7291A top notch seller of used framing equipment. If you are looking for any type of used equipment that is used by framers, this is a good place to start your search. Based in Atlanta, but will ship anywhere in the U.S. at decent freight rates.
 Quality Saw & Knife 800-446-6622 Same as Miter Master
 Roma 800-263-2322 Manufacturer of custom molding. As of April 2011, the company has a new CEO who is Tony Gareri.
 Studio Moulding,
 800-262-4174Designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-end picture frame mouldings sold through wholesalers.
 Ten Plus,
 562-404-0088Taiwanese based manufacturer of wood picture frame molding. The company has been in operations since the 1970s.
 Universal Arquatiuniversalarquati.com800-668-3627U.S. distributor of picture frame molding. Based in Santa Clarita, California.
 Vermont Hardwoodsvermonthardwoods.com888-442-7396 Vermont-based moulding supplier in business since 1979.
 Wall Moulding & 800-880-9315Self-proclaimed "best company" in the picture frame moulding industry. Entire catalog available on-line.


III. Matting and Glazing Manufacturers

Crescent Cardboard Co. crescentcardboard.com800-323-1055Along with Brainbridge, this is one of the leading U.S. matting and paper companies in the framing industry.
Nielsen Bainbridgenielsen-bainbridge.com800-526-9073Based out of NJ, this is one of the leaders in the framing industry. Although mostly known for their matting and metal frames, this company offers a wide variety of wood frames that are both custom made and ready made.
Peterboro Cardboards, Ltdpeterboromatboards.com705-742-0044Although less well known, this Canadian based company is a worldwide leader in matboard products.
Tru Vue, Inc. tru-vue.com708-485-5080Tru Vue sets the standard in glazing products for the picture framing industry. The company has pioneered many technological improvents in the framing industry including arcylic and specialty coatings.


IV. Framing Accessories

Easels By Amroneaselsbyamron.com800-553-4438Maker of high-end easels for artists.
Fotobet fotobet.com877-654-3686Online photographs.
Frametekframetek.com800-227-9934Frame-Space and Econo-Space have set the standard in the picture framing industry. The product is simple to use and quite rugged.
Fragile Packaging Solutionsfragilepackagingsolutions.com203-305-8708
Unique packaging solution to ensure that frames do not break during shipping.
The Gluefast Company, Inc.gluefast.com1-800-242-7318
Specializing in adhesive applications and adhesive dispensing equipment.
Linen Liners, Inc.linenliners.com800-742-2876U.S. based manufacturer of linen liners.
M&M 732-780-7747Distributor selling on-line.