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This section of our site is designed to provide useful resources for picture framers ranging from the first-time buyer to seasoned professionals. The articles are sorted by posting date, with the most recent appearing first. Make sure to check back often as we regularly add useful information.

A Step-by-Step Process to Select Picture Frame Matting
Choosing mats for a custom picture frame can be challenging to say the least. This article provides a step-by-step process that customers can follow to ensure not only that the aesthetically appealing artwork is chosen, but also that it is done in a stress-free way. Choosing a mat color has never been so easy.

6 of the Biggest Online Custom Framing Mistakes...And How To Avoid Them
There are a few very common mistakes that online customers make when buying custom picture frames via the internet. This article offers hand-on tips to help customers avoid these common errors as well as offering some money saving tips.

Would you like to Receive a Free Frame?
If you have a blog or some other web presence and would like to review our products, we would be delighted to send you a free frame for your project. Click on the title for more details.

How to Make Picture Frames
Anybody thinking about building their own picture frames will want to know what the actual process is to make a frame, including the equipment that will be needed to accomplish this task. This article covers this topic from a custom framers perspective. That is, we look at how a frame shop makes picture frames, which is a little different than a how a woodworker would go about the task. Links of interest are provided throughout the article.

Why Do Picture Frames Cost so Much?
Anybody who has purchased custom picture frames in a bricks-and-mortar store knows how expensive they seem. The final price of a frame and its components surprises even the most prepared first time buyer. Less known amongst the general public however, are the market forces that drive this pricing. This article dives into this subject by explaining the economics of picture frames and why pricing between realtors varies so much.

What Led to the Demise of Custom Frame Shops?
In this white paper we examine the causes of why so many custom picture frame shops have closed over the past 20 years. We present data that strongly supports the fact that it was not online companies that caused this decline, but rather forces both within and outside of the custom picture framing industry.

3 Keys To Selecting Photo Frames Online
The process of framing should compliment the artwork by focusing the viewer’s eye towards the beauty in the piece. This is true for any medium and any style whether it is a Picasso or a simple black and white photograph. Purchasing custom frames online has the great advantage of being much less expensive than a traditional frame shop. However, a real drawback is that it takes a little effort on behalf of the buyer to ensure that they are buying something that will make the artwork look good. This article addresses 3 of the key areas to know about when buying frames online. Notably, molding size, molding color and matting.

Picture Frames
Everybody has heard about picture frames, and most of us know about their basic parts. However, when we are faced with purchasing frames, whether custom or ready-made, and whether online or in a retail store, many of us freeze up. This article elaborates on the major parts of a picture frame.

Taking Pictures in the Snow
Taking pictures in the snow can be a real challenge. The white environment can lead to pictures that are either far too bright or that have a blue tint. This article explains how to avoid these unattractive characteristics, and offers advice on other aspects of taking pictures in wintry conditions.

The Difference Between Custom-Made and Ready-Made Picture Frames
Custom picture frames differ from ready-made frames in many ways. Buyers often ask which is best with the assumption that custom picture frames are better because they are more expensive. In reality, the answer is not necessarily based on price, but has to do with several other factors. This short article explains the differences between ready-made and custom frames, and offers some purchasing guidelines for buyers.

Everything You Need to Know About Wood Molding
This article provides an introduction to wood picture frame moldings, including a description and images of the different types of shapes available in the marketplace. It will be helpful for anybody who would like more detailed information about wood molding shapes for either ready-made or custom picture frames.

Everything You Need to Know About Metal Molding
A review of metal frame moldings, including an explanation of the various styles, colors, and finishes. This article can be used by framers deciding which type of picture frame molding would work best for their framing project. While the article focuses heavily on Nielsen Bainbridge frames, and the Picture Frame Guys does sell Bainbridge product, we do not have any special relationship with this company.

Breaking Down a Picture Frame: Six Components
Learn about the basics of picture frame anatomy. We cover the individual frame components, what they do, and what options are available to a framer of any experience level. After reading this article, whether going online or driving to a bricks and mortar store, the first-time buyer will be able to purchase frames with confidence.

Understanding Picture Frame Matting Basics | Grades, Colors, Plys and more
This article covers the most important details about matting that is useful for every framer to know. The article also explains some rules of thumb to ensure that you select a mat that will compliment both the artwork being framed and the picture frame in which it is encased.

How to Accurately Measure Artwork for Framing
Correctly measuring artwork for framing is an important first step in the completion of a successful framing project. While this task is not particularly difficult, it can be confusing to many first-time framers. Fortunately, by following a few simple steps, anyone can measure artwork with confidence in minutes.

Tips and Tricks Relating to Picture Frames
A collection of useful tips and tricks that we have gathered over the years. This will be helpful to hobbyists and casual framers alike. Feel free to contact us to share your ideas! We will include it in this list.

How Much to Pay for Picture Frames?
How much should one pay for picture frames? It depends on what level of conservation and styling is being sought, as well as how much work one wants to put into the project. This article explores your options.

Storing Wood and Metal Picture Frame Molding
The storage of picture frame molding is an important consideration for any framer, whether an online retailer, a bricks-and-mortar company, or a weekend hobbyist. This article covers the major storage considerations of both wood and metal frames.

Picture Frame Mounting Techniques
This article covers the various artwork hinging techniques used in the picture framing industry. It covers the pros and cons of each method and offers advice regarding when one method should be used over the other.

Taking Pictures of Children and Pets
When it comes to children and pets, getting a quality shot is difficult at best. The reason is obvious to anybody who has ever tried! Kids and pets are highly mobile and respond poorly to voice commands. This article offers some practical tips for getting a compelling shot of your little and/or furry family members.

Picture Framing Basics | Multiple Choice Quiz
Test your knowledge of picture framing basics with these framing questions. This exam comes with an answer sheet that can be found at the bottom of the page. Download the file to check your answers.

Getting Photograph and Print Copies at a Great Price
Do you have a print or photograph that you would like to reproduce for an affordable price? Perhaps you have a digital or black and white photograph that you would like to share with another family member. In the past the only option available was going to a print shop and paying in excess of $30.00 per print. Today, even the weekend hobbyist can make reproductions for a fraction of this price! This article shows you how.

Decoration for a Baby's Room
The big day is just around the corner. Everything is ready for the baby, except the bedroom is void of all artwork. What to do? This article will show you how to quickly and effortlessly put in a low-cost yet personalized display in the room for your infant.

Metal Frame Assembly Instructions
This page provides full instructions on how to assemble metal frames. You will need a flat head screwdriver and a clean flat working surface to do the job. It will take 10 - 15 minutes.

Ten Useful Tips for the Buyer of Online Picture Frames
When purchasing a frame online, the framer does not have the luxury of getting a second opinion from a frame shop employee. And with choices ranging from which frame to select, to what color matting to use, to whether or not not to go for acid-free mounting board, choosing a frame can be a daunting task. This article provides ten very useful tips to the online picture frame buyer.

The Future of the Picture Framing Industry
The Picture Frame Guys caught up Jennifer Patterson, District Sales Manager for Jayeness Molding, Washington State's leading framing wholesaler. In this exclusive Interview we chatted with Jennifer about the framing industry and what it holds, as well as what steps framers can take to ensure that they survive the current economic downturn.

Making Sense of Picture Frame Matting Options
The list below is a great resource for picture framers. We have made an easy-to-read table that shows each matting offered by Crescent Cardboard Inc. and Nielsen Bainbridge. The mats are listed by grade, by type and by color. We also provide useful product comments when appropriate.

Useful Framing Resources
This page has a list of useful resources for the buyer of on-line picture frames. It includes sites that contain useful picture frame mounting tips and tricks, ones that provide information about matting, and other framer tools.

Picture Framing Glossary
Glossary section contains a grouping of commonly used framing terms.

The Color Wheel
Using a color wheel when selecting custom matting is a valuable tool. In light of this, we have posted a simple color wheel to be used by all.

Share Your Unique Framing Project
Do you have a framing project that you would like to share with others? Or perhaps you are an industry expert who would like to share your knowledge. Whatever the case, we would like to hear from you. Please read more to find out how.

The Proper Spelling of Framing Terms
Is it Moulding or Molding? Mating or Matting? We cover common spelling mistakes in the picture framing industry and clarify which forms are correct. Spoiler alert: it often depends.

Index of Framing Industry Suppliers
We have complied a list of framing suppliers. Here you will find everything from molding manufacturers to used framing equipment vendors.

Custom Framing Resources
Whether you are new to the framing industry or have been in it for a while, we trust that you will find some useful information here. We have listed all of the major players who make framing equipment. From saws to underpinner to mat cutter; ever company both in the U.S. and abroad is listed here.

Picture Framing Resources
We have complied a list of useful framing resources that we have found to be of top quality and hopefully useful to the framing enthusiast.