High Volume Commercial Framing

We offer order fulfillment services to large volume business customers.  This includes wholesalers, national frame shops, galleries, catalogers, universities and various government agencies. Generally, we classify our corporate partners in three categories: 1) small businesses placing orders for 100 - 1,000 frames per year, 2) medium-size businesses requiring 1,000-10,000 frames per year and large businesses with demand of +10,000 units per year. 

We are your framer of corporate certificates, office interiors, retail locations, military installations, and much more. Whether you require that each frame be cut to the same dimension or made to any custom size, we will deliver quality product in short lead-times at competitive prices. We have the capability to meet archival and museum quality standards. Our points of differentiation are detailed below.


Best Quality
We have well-established quality procedures in place which prevent defects from being passed down the production line.  Our goal is for each  process to be completed defect-free the first time.  This cuts down on defects and rework, as well as shortens processing time as frames are handled as efficiently as possible.  Furthermore, since we produce in large volumes, we enjoy the efficiencies associated with large production economies of scale. 

On-Time Delivery and Flexibility
We fully understand that the company with the shortest delivery time, at the highest quality and at the lowest price is well positioned to become a winner. In most cases, we can guarantee 2 day lead-times with our corporate customers.  We do this by refining our processes and dedicating resources to a particular job in order to get it done on-time, every time.  However, since our engineers design our manufacturing processes with this flexibility in mind, this added value does not cost us extra money.

We have full EDI capability.

Lowest Cost
Picture Frame Guys is focused on continuous improvement in order to eliminate non-value added wastes from the production process.  This is accomplished in part by empowering our team members to identify and implement waste elimination ideas as soon as they identify them. 

We also place significant focus on maintaining strong supplier relationships and sourcing expertise.  Our global sourcing know-how enables us to find any mold currently on the market.  This includes exotic and specialty wood from Asia and South America.

We are your full-service framer. Our vast network of suppliers also ensures that we have the capability to provide much more than just frames. This means that you get everything assembled, ready for hanging.  We have poster and canvas printing capability. If you are looking for a special or customized look we can put you in touch with our network of photographers and artists who will help you find an original look.

We will work with you to develop branded packaging solutions.

More Information
For more information about our business-to-business programs, call us and ask to speak to one of our business solutions specialists.  Or simply email us at customerservice[at]pictureframeguys.com.

Coming Soon: Download a PowerPoint of our business-to-business capabilities.