Information about the Online Picture Frame Buying Process

If this is your first time purchasing custom-made picture frames on the internet, you may have some questions about the frame buying process. In anticipation of this, we have written a short, but informative tutorial on the purchasing process.  The text covers how to use our website to browse and select frames, as well as the custom options available. In the time it would take most of us to drive to a frame shop, we will give you the knowledge and hopefully the confidence to purchase frames online. The fact that you will save up to 70% off of retail pricing when purchasing with us makes the small time investment well worth it.

 And now for the steps.

Step 1 - Select a Frame: The first decision is to choose either a metal or wood frame.  We have a large selection of both so be sure to browse around and see what catches your eye.

The frames are sortable by many variables such as color, price, basic shape and collection name. Also, clicking on the picture's thumbnail image will bring up a pop-up menu which will show details such as close-up shots, precise dimensions and pricing comparisons.

Once you found the picture you are looking for, click on "buy now" to go to the next step.  This is where you will find all the frame options listed.

Step 2 - Artwork Dimensions: Measure and enter the height and width of the artwork you are framing.

Step 3 - The Options: There are 3 options that you will go through during the framing process. These are deciding on a) matting color, b) mounting board type and c) glazing type (the glass cover).  Following is some detail about each of these options:Picture Frame

Step 3a - Matting: Matting is the color paper which is placed between the art and the glass.  Its main purpose is to act as a barrier between the glass and the artwork so that they are not in direct contact with one another. Otherwise, over time, the artwork will stick to the glass and be ruined.

A second and equally important purpose of matting is to provide aesthetic appeal. Mats are available in hundreds of colors and you should select a color that highlights the artwork.  Some framers like to get creative with mat colors by layering them on one another.  We offer 2 mat layers.

The site is designed so that once you enter the thickness of each border (top, bottom, left and right), the frame size will automatically be adjusted to reflect this.  This way, all you have to think about is what size is your artwork and white size borders would you like.  We re-size the frame accordingly

Step 3b - Mounting Board: The mounting board is the board to which the artwork is attached for framing.  When looking at a framed object from the back (the part that faces the wall), you are looking at the mounting board. Of course, the artwork is attached to the other side of the mat board which you can not see unless it is removed from the frame. We sell 3 types, or grades, of mounting board, standard, acid-free and self-adhesive.

Step 3c - Plexiglas: The third, and last, option in the frame selection process is a glass cover.  At this time, we sell high-quality museum-grade plexiglass covers.

In addition to a standard Plexiglas, we offer UV-reducing glass, anti-reflective plexiglass and a fourth type which is both UV-reducing and anti-glare.  UV-reducing offers protection from the harmful rays of sunlight while anti-glare glass is chemically treated to reduce the glare that can sometimes reflect off of picture frame glazing.

Step 4 - Checkout
Once you enter these options, all that is left to do is select shipping method and enter your payment information which will be processed on our secure processing page.

This sums up the buying process on our site.  Of course, if you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to call us at 1.866.558-7113.  We are open on week-ends.  You may also wish to get more about picture frames.  You can do so by click here.

Happy Framing!